Friday, October 15, 2010

The Light Of My Life

 I was born with a penchant for chandeliers.

Cheap Thrills

My insatiable desire for bargains is regularly satiated with visits to the ultimate junk shop. The owner purchases the left overs at auctions and hocks them off to the likes of me for a steal.

The French Haul

A trip to France and Italy a couple of years ago allowed me to indulge my love of things European. This coffee pot was unearthed at a market in Paris and flown   home the 30 hr flight with other gems, precariously packed in my carry on luggage. Well worth the anxiety!

Below are some shots of the Sth of France. An intoxicating spot, but not a lot of cheap bargains to be had.

I stumbled upon this gem at an Isle de la Sorgue car boot sale for 7 euro. Now that's a bargain.

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